Aims and Scope

The Leuser Journal of Environmental Studies (LJES) is a distinguished international, peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of environmental studies. LJES aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and academics to publish their high-quality original research articles, review articles, and case reports related to various aspects of the environment. The journal's overarching goal is to foster interdisciplinary research that connects scientific and technological advancements to real-world applications, with a specific emphasis on the impact they have on society and the environment.

The scope of LJES encompasses a wide range of topics within the field of environmental studies, including but not limited to:

  • Environmental science
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Environmental policy and governance
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Pollution and remediation
  • Environmental health
  • Ecological modeling
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Environmental education and communication

LJES seeks to provide a forum for rigorous and innovative research that contributes to the advancement of environmental knowledge and practices. The journal is committed to promoting high-quality, relevant, and impactful research that enhances our understanding of environmental issues and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers in the field of environmental studies.