About the Journal

Indatu Journal of Management and Accounting (IJMA) is a globally recognized, peer-reviewed scholarly publication dedicated to disseminating exceptional original research papers and comprehensive review articles, within the field of management and accounting. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach, the journal serves as a conduit for bridging scientific and technological innovations with their tangible implementations in real-world scenarios, thus elucidating their societal ramifications. IJMA is issued biannually (June and December).

The journal cordially invites submissions from an expansive array of scholars, practitioners, and academicians worldwide, fostering a conducive environment for the presentation of pioneering research that not only bestows novel perspectives but also propels the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of management and accounting. Committed to upholding standards of excellence, pertinence, and influence, IJMA stands resolute in its pursuit of articles that not only meet these benchmarks but also engender knowledge dissemination and collaborative endeavors among scholars.